Photo of Sherry Nouraini, author of Social Solutions for Climate Change
Sherry Nouraini, PhD

Sherry Nouraini, PhD is a Social Media Strategist, Marketing Instructor, lecturer, and Climate Change Communicator who lives in Southern California.  Her rigorous scientific training and experience in marketing makes her uniquely qualified for data-driven and strategic communication, which she offers through her marketing business Captive Touch, and also by teaching Marketing via Social Media within the University of California system.

In preparation for developing a curriculum and teaching social media for climate science and policy at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Sherry spent countless research hours reviewing how scientists and activists use social media for outreach.  She saw no sign of effectiveness in their efforts. Additional research and observations in conversations around the topic of climate change in the blogosphere and social media confirmed her suspicions, and ignited her desire to be part of the solution in her own way. Social Solutions for Climate Change is her contribution to further the cause of climate change communication and mitigation.